Update: I’m continuing with my program of gradually phasing out the old content and introducing new content. Got some help from one of the top seo services TNG/Earthling, thanks to a connection via my brother who occasionally freelances for them. Unfortunately, my loan refi is taking far longer than I expected (why didn’t I do my homework first!), and I’m still waiting until I can collect some more info about alternative hair options before I finish that part of the site. And I am feeling much better about myself now thanks to wigs from Raquel Welch. Eek! I’m revealing too much!

Well, you might as well know I love wigs! It’s not like I have to wear wigs, I just like to. It simplifies the vexation of looking in the mirror and trying to decide what to do with my hair, particularly if it’s a bad hair day. It’s so easy to purchase a wig online since there are so many wig sites. I comparison shop like crazy and try not to get duped on a site that appears to have the lowest price only to find upon check out that they hit you with huge shipping and handling fees. I also look for good customer service that has knowledgeable wig folks answering the phone a well as a decent return policy. I also look out for sales. It seems like there are ongoing sales almost every week at these online wig store. I have a few favorite online wig shops that I regularly check out. At some point I will start posting more information on how to get the right size wig, how to care for your wig, the different types of fibers and cap constructions that you can choose from, etc

So although there’s still plenty of old content left on the site, which is not only a testament to my procrastination but also less than an ideal situation for other reasons, let me simply say that I am working on creating new content. Meanwhile, I make no claim to authorship or copyright of any reprinted content on this or other pages of this website, and welcome contact from the original authors of “Best NW Crafts” should any concerns arise.

Oh well, I should just get back to putting my nose to the grindstone. But I thought all of you loyal readers (both of you, LOL) deserve to be informed about what was, is, and will be going on with the website. Thanks again!

The rugged natural beauty of the Northwest provides both a suitable backdrop and a continuing inspiration for the creative mind. When you add the relatively recent trend of migration by creative folks to the Pacific Northwest, for various reasons, is it any wonder that some of the most spectacular arts and crafts in the country, perhaps in the world, can be found in the general vicinity of SeaTac, Portland, and Vancouver?

I think I just might put on a casual wig and go out for a stroll to a new arts and crafts boutique that just opened up down the road. Later!

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