Northwest artists are among the best in the world, and have unique cultural influences that are credited to American, Native American, Canadian, and Inuit influences. If you are an artist or know of one that should be either listed or recognized for any reason, please let us know. Most are unknown beyond this area, although some have made significant inroads in commercial ventures – either via media exposure, or by affiliations with large entities such as manufacturers and nationwide advertisers. You would be surprised where some of their art ends up. An artist recently told me that she discovered one of a fellow artist’s sculpture gracing a lovely corner in the expansive gardens in Australia. Apparently the artist was in Australia on a grant from Acadia University and had been invited to a spring bloom tour of local gardens in Galston, Arcadia, Dural, and Glenorie. The gardens of Faye Kotsis are well known in the Arcadia area. She opens them to the public for the Galston District Garden Club annual tour. So there tucked among the lush foliage in Australia was a northwest sculpture.

Art and design are behind everything we see and touch that is manufactured, although the creators are seldom credited for their work (although hopefully they are paid). The artists behind the designs evident in commercial products as diverse as furniture is to jewelry will never be known, but some engineer, artist or designer was always responsible, however anonymous they remain. The majority of artisans not working within the corporate / commercial marketplace have and probably always will struggle to make a decent living. The seemingly stereotype of the struggling artist is not new and let’s face it, it based on facts. Anyone of the artists listed on this page could probably relate at least one story where the need for money was an issue due to an unexpected incident. In the day of the internet, if the artist qualifies, he / she might consider what are called an online cash advance loan to tie them over for a couple of weeks till they get paid their commission from the gallery where their work is shown or the client’s check finally arrives for a commissioned art piece. Of course short-term loans like these are a bit iffy if the person can’t prove a steady income. For those who have broken out of their anonymity, they may not need an advance cash loan although an artist’s live never guarantees a steady income.

Working anonymously seems to be part and parcel to the life committed to art, although it doesn’t have to be that way in this age of the Internet. If you would like to promote yourself, consider using an article writing service to help get the word out, submit your article to other art forums and websites. Don’t be shy. We celebrate that commitment and recognize the strength of purpose standing behind each individual who devotes his/her life to creating art. Today there is no reason why the public will probably only know an artist if they happen upon the artisan’s work in a gallery or craft store. To learn more about the artists listed below, check out their websites.

Brehren, Debra & Tarawyn
Business:  Argentum Aurum
Street:  402 West Main #205, 2nd floor
City/State/Zip:  Spokane, WA 99201
Phone:  N/A
Fax:  N/A
Email: agau (at)
Medium:  Jewelry
Artist Statement:  N/A

Davenport, Heather
Business:  Lao Hats
Street:  PO Box 976
City/State/Zip:  Seattle, WA 98111
Phone:  206-406-5907
Fax:  N/A
Email:  staywarm (at)
Medium:  fiber/fashion
Artist Statement:  Inspired designs from vintage coats, handcrafted by Heather Davenport. Distinctive, warm and wearable art! Lao, the Chinese word for “old” is a play on words and a reference to these “old” hats as a recycled handcraft.

Gelbard, Karen
Business:  The Oregon Weaver
Street:  PO Box 455
City/State/Zip:  Pacific City, OR 97135
Phone:  503.965.6263
Fax:  N/A
Email:  theoregonweaver (at)
Website: N/A
Medium:  fiber/fashion
Artist Statement:   The Oregon Weaver specializes in producing handwoven jackets and scarves. In her coastal studio, Karen Gelbard designs unique and elegant fabrics that are then shaped into classically styled garments. Her scarves, with names like “Driftwood” or “Grasses of Summer” are well known for being color landscapes drawn from the Pacific Northwest.

Jensen, Gay
Business:  Gay Jensen-Artist
Street:  12545 42nd Ave NE
City/State/Zip:  Seattle, WA 98125
Phone:  206.440.1860
Fax:  N/A
Email:  gayjensen (at)
Website:  N/A
Medium:  fiber/fashion
Artist Statement:  N/A

Moore, Marilyn
Business:  N/A
Street:  10529 14th Ave S
City/State/Zip:  Seattle, WA 98168-1609
Phone:  206.328.9236
Fax:  N/A
Email:  mmoore45 (at)
Medium:  basketry
Artist Statement:  N/A

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