The mask will also have to be wet if you want to etch anything into the mask. In most cases when I am designing a mask I want to etch in designs around the eye holes or on the edge of the mask for example. Then you can add the paint on top at a later time. This effect gives your mask a whole new dimension. It is a very cool effect. So once you have everything setup & you are ready to start working on the mask the first step will be cutting out the design from the piece of leather. If you are going a Mardi Gras style mask you should make the shape just right to cover the areas surrounding the eyes & maybe the top part of the nose. You will also want to cut out suitable eye hole at this point. They should pretty much be where you want them to end up at when the mask id done. Be very careful when making the measurement to ensure the eyes end up in the right place. (Measure twice… & Cut once) After you have a basic shape that you can hold up to your face & form it to your face. If you like it you can begin to add the design. In order to etch into the leather you must first get it wet. You can do this with the sponge & ensure that it stays wet while you are working on it but stopping every few minutes to re-wet it. While it is wet use the starter tools you have set aside to etch shapes & designs that you desire. Once you have all of the lines in the mask where you like you will want to shape it to your face. To do this dip the mask into water in order to liberally wet it. The you can either place it on a mannequin head to shape it or use a human head. The head of the person who will eventually wear the mask is usually best in my experience. You need to shape it & set it aside where it can dry in the exact same shape without being disturbed. You may want to die the mask black or brown or another color & after it is totally dry of water would be the appropriate time for dye. Remember after you dye it you will need to set it aside again to dry for an appropriate amount of time. Once the dye has dried you & the shape is in the leather you only have the finishing touches. You may want additional paint or other accessories which will add to the style. The last step will be punching holes at each side in order to tie 2 leather straps onto the mask which will connect it to your head.

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