It was over a decade ago that I came across the first spray paint art I ever saw. I was downtown in Las Vegas NV. after I moved to town. I thought it was awesome. The guy was standing right in front of an entire group of tourists creating a new piece every 10 minutes. He had star systems, entire universes, cityscapes, lakes scenery and they were amazing. I had never seen such a thing before and it was a great experience. I have spent some time improving my skill in art of one form or another. I have a hand for sketching but I have also learned a number of other skills through the years as well. I am by no means a professional in any of my art forms but I do enjoy them regularly as a hobby.

Needless to say, when I saw this person creating such beautiful art and making it look effortless. I had to give it a try. I love to create art but almost as important I could use this skill to support a livelihood. I might be able to set up shop just like this artist had. I figured it was worth a try because I to have a crafty side. I promptly purchased one of his pictures. After that he was more than happy to talk to me but I had to wait until he was between pictures to have that discussion. He explained that he learned the technique in Mexico when he was younger. I asked as many questions about the technique as possible and he was generous enough to give me his number. I said if I had any questions he would be happy to help.

Little did he know that over the next 3 years he would be spending more time with me than he expected. I went out the very next day to get the supplies. I needed an array of colored spray paint, quality paper both for painting on as well as for cutting into shapes to paint with, and an assortment of tools such as putty knives and brushes… I went on about setting up a work space in the garage. By first painting was going well. Not perfect but I could see it coming together when I got dizzy. That was the first time I contacted my new mentor. I explained what had happened telling him that I felt like I was about to ass out. He explained that the paint was dangerous if not used in a wide open area. I explained that the garage door was 1/2 way open but he said it was not enough. I would have to open it all the way and possibly move the work outside too.